UP.Jobs Quick Reference Guide

1. Do I need an account to view jobs?

  • A: Nope! We encourage you to browse all our open postings whenever you want. You can even sign up for automatic notifications through our "Notify Me" option to alert you when your perfect job is available.

2. If I want to apply for a job, do I need an account?

  • A: Yes, to apply for an open position, you must have a UP.jobs account.

3. How do I Sign Up for a UP.jobs account?

  • If you have applied for any position with us in the past or are a current employee, you will have an account with us. Log in from the home page with your user ID and password.
  • I can't remember my login ID or password. No worries! Use our "forgot" options from the home page (located in the top header) to either look up your login ID or recover your password.
  • If you have never applied with us before, you will need to sign up for a new account. From the home page, click on the "Sign Up" button (located at the top of the page). You will be required to enter in your email address to begin the validation process. You will receive an email from UP.jobs to the address provided, where you will need to click the link to validate your email address.

4. What if I don't have an email address?

  • A: An email address is required as it's the unique identifier for your candidate account. Try one of these free email providers if you need an email address created: Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail.

5. Can I create multiple accounts?

  • A: No. Each candidate can only have one account. Intentionally creating multiple accounts could result in elimination from the hiring process. It is important to use your registered account, if you have one, so we can access your application and testing history and to avoid delays if you are offered employment.

6. I forgot my login credentials; what do I do?

A: Don't worry; we have some options to help you recover your login ID or password.

  • Forgot Login ID: From the UP.jobs homepage, in the black header, click on the "forgot?" link in the "Email" field. Follow the instructions on the page to locate your login ID. You will be required to enter in two pieces of information used when you created your account.
  • Forgot Password: From the UP.jobs homepage, in the black header, click on the "forgot?" link in the "Password" field. You will be required to enter in your email address associated to your UP.jobs account. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

7. I'm now logged into my account; where do I go?

A: Starting from the top, in the black header, hover your mouse over your name - you will see three selections.

  • My Applications is a break-down of you application history in three simple categories:
    • Submitted Application - (Active) - these are applications you submitted for position consideration
    • Applications in Process and Not Submitted - these are applications you have started, but have not yet submitted
    • Applications Submitted - No Longer Being Considered (Inactive) - these are applications you either started and/or submitted, but they are no longer in consideration (either the job posting closed, the position has been filled, the job cancelled, etc).
  • My Account stores all your personal information, contact information, race and ethnicity selections, as well as any skills you have listed in your applications. This information can be updated at your convenience - just click on the pencil icon in each section to edit.

    In the "Contact Information" section, you can update your phone number to receive text messages. Reference question 8 for additional details.

    Here is where you can also change your password and edit your "My Notifications" status.


  • Sign Out logs you out of your UP.jobs account.

8. How does "My Notifications" work?

  • A: If you don't find the perfect job for you right now, it may be available soon - and better yet, we'll email and/or text you to let you know when it's available!

    When viewing a job, you are able to click "Notify Me" at the bottom of the posting - the "Notify Me" auto checkmarks the boxes next to each criteria based on the job you clicked "Notify Me" on.

    You can unselect any options to only receive notifications on what you are looking for specifically. If you only want to know about IT jobs, we'll tell you about IT jobs. If you want to know when we have positions open in Dallas, you can set up your profile that way, too. The possibilities are endless!

    Please note - Notify Me works by including jobs based on the keywords you selected. If you have multiple keywords or locations in your search, you will not generate a match unless a job has ALL of the criteria you requested. We suggest creating separate Notify Me alerts for all job types and locations that you are interested in.

9. How do I get set up for SMS (text) message updates on my account?

  • A: When looking at your account preferences (via "My Account") you will want to edit the section for "Contact Information" - in order to get set up for SMS (text) messages, you will need to update your preferences for "Content Type" to "SMS(Text)" or "Both" to get set up.

    You will then be asked to send a confirmation code to your device to get it ready for SMS (Text) messages. After entering in the verification code, you're good to go.

    For reference here are text messages that can be sent to (UPJOBS/875627) and responses that will be sent back: 
    Text Message Response Expected Notes
    Start Your number is confirmed! Reply with HELP for more info, Reply STOP to cancel 
    Help UP Jobs Info: We will text you updates on job openings,events and application status.More details at https://up.jobs/faq/sms/index.htm. Message rates may apply. 
    Stop UP Jobs Info: We've stopped any additional SMS messages from coming to you. Visit https://up.jobs/faq/sms/index.htm for help. Same functionality for Cancel,End,Quit,Stop All,Unsubscribe
    Unrecognized TextSorry,we didn't recognize that! Please check what you sent to us,and try again. Or text STOP to stop incoming messages, Or HELP for more details 
    If you have issues getting SMS messages, please confirm that you properly selected and saved preferences to be able to receive texts. At any time, you can text "HELP" to be provided with a link for further details:

10. Can I apply on all browsers and mobile?

  • A: UP.jobs should work for all prominent browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), and it should work on all tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.

11. If you need to update your address, phone number or email on your UP.jobs profile, it's real easy to do!

  1. Login to your UP.jobs account
  2. Hover over your name and click on "My Account"
  3. Click the pencil icon next to "Personal or Contact Information"

12. What formats can I upload resumes or documents to Union Pacific?

  • A: You can upload the following: Resume, Cover Letter, Transcript, Essay, and Work Samples. Maximum file size is 10 MB. Only pdf format is allowed at this time.

13. Are there other ways to search for jobs other than using "Search Jobs"?

  • A: You bet! You can also use the Advanced Job Search feature- once you're there, you can look for jobs in a variety of ways:
  1. Keywords - tell us where you want to work or what you want to do.
  2. Categories - do you know what department sounds like an ideal opportunity?
  3. Location - find a job that is close to home (or not close to home).
  4. Departments & Subsidiaries - you're not just limited to Union Pacific - you can go work for some of our partners, too!

14. I've found a job I like - now what?

  • A: You've got a few choices here -
  1. Finish Application - this option appears when an application has been started but is still in progress. You will use this option to access and submit an application.
  2. Notify Me - let me know if a similar job is available in the future.
  3. Email to Myself - I don't have time to apply right now, but I want to get started later.
  4. Find Similar - you can use this option to locate similar jobs. It's similar to "Notify Me", but now we're looking for matching criteria for the job you're looking at. You can still unselect any of the available options if desired.
  5. Apply! - what are you waiting for?

15. How does the Job Cart work?

  • A: When viewing a job description, just click "Save for Later" at the bottom of the description which adds that job to your Job Cart. Your saved jobs will be available in your account.

16. How does the Career Matcher tool work?

  • A: Not sure what you want to do at Union Pacific? Then let our Career Matcher help find your perfect fit!

    We'll present you with a series of questions that you need to answer. As we find out more about you, our suggestions for what careers or departments you should explore start showing up on the right. If we have an open position that fits your criteria, you can apply today! If there's nothing open right now, you can still sign up for Notify Me and we'll alert you when your dream job is available.

17. How does the Military Matcher work?

  • A: At Union Pacific, we respect and honor the service of the brave men and women who have served our country. One in five Union Pacific employees is a veteran - and due to the same safety-based culture of the military and Union Pacific, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

    We'll help you figure out how the skills you learned in the military translate into a successful career at Union Pacific. Just click on the Military Skills Translator and answer the questions. We'll give you our suggestions on what careers might be the best fit for you - and you can apply or sign up for Notify Me if that dream job isn't open right now.

18. I've applied - now what?

  • A: We have hundreds - sometimes THOUSANDS - of applications for a single job...and we look at every single application that comes through. So - it can take a while to get back to you. Sorry about that.

    Usually, it takes about 60-90 days from the day you submit your application until the day you receive your potential offer from Union Pacific. We try to speed things up as much as possible, so be patient with us. We'll update your status as soon as there's a change.

19. Where can I learn more about Recruiting Events?

  • A: You can go to our Events menu, and search all of our upcoming events. We'll provide the time, location and event details -and we'll even provide a map so you won't get lost.

20. I'm a college student - do you have anything for me?

  • A: Yes! Go to our Campus Hub to meet your school's recruiter and why they love to visit your campus. We'll provide you a list of upcoming events and let you know what type of opportunities we have available for you. You can even contact your Lead Recruiter with any questions you may have.

    If you're a student at a school we don't recruit at, don't worry - you can still apply for any positions we have open, too!

21. Can I apply on my phone or tablet?

  • A: Absolutely you can! You can search for jobs, submit an application, update your account settings and much more - all at your convenience!

22. You're not on Facebook, are you?

  • A: We sure are ! You can also find us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Follow us for the latest opportunities and company information - as well as the chance to win cool UP stuff, too! We love to engage with our audience, so if you have any questions or need more details on anything, feel free to connect with us via our social media platforms.

23. I’m scheduled to take a test before my interview. Are there practice test questions I can look at first?

  • A: There sure are! Click Here to find our available practice tests, and you should have a good idea of what you can expect. Good luck!


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